How to Ship Your Car to Another State

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How to Ship Your Car to Another State


Moving a car to another state takes a lot of time that you might not have. For this occasion, car hauling service is your best friend. You can focus on other important things while professionals take care of your vehicle.

Choosing a car shipping provider gets easier when you live in big cities. You have a wider range of companies to pick from, and rates are much lower. After you choose a carrier, make sure your vehicle is ready for transportation. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Clean the car to spot any minor damages
  • If you spot some dents or scratches, write them down
  • Take pictures of your vehicle, including closeups of existing damages
  • Remove all personal things from the interior and the trunk
  • Refill fluids, if necessary
  • Gas tank should be at ¼ full to reduce weight
  • Check leaks
  • Notify the carrier about any special concerns with the car

Additionally, you need to prepare all the necessary documents which includes:

  • Car insurance
  • Vehicle registration and title
  • Any form of photo identification (driver’s license or passport)

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

The cost for shipping a car to another state depends on what trailer you choose (open or enclosed) and general transportation factors like:

  • Vehicle parameters (weight, size, etc.)
  • Model and make
  • Required transportation distance
  • Pickup and delivery location accessibility
  • Season
  • Fuel costs and additional interstate fees

Average car shipping costs revolve around $600-$1000 for a sedan or $800-$1100 for a pickup or a small van.


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